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Touching Lives One Billboard At A Time

My name is Kristy Miller and this is my story. I was not raised in a Christian home. My parents were well off and comfortable financially. We had all the trappings of the Southern California lifestyle; a ski boat, mountain cabin and a beach house we shared with other families. Even though I had everything I ever wanted, I saw an emptiness in my parent's life and in mine too.

In high school, I began partying and taking drugs. I became rebellious to my parents and authoritative adults. Soon, I realized the party life was a dead end path, and turned to eastern religion. I began practicing transcendental meditation. I read a book that said all paths lead to God. Whichever path you chose, be it Krishna, Buddha, Jesus...they all lead to God.

One day, I saw a billboard over the Pacific Coast highway with the biblical words of Jesus: "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father, but by Me." Wow! I thought the book said there were many paths to God, but Jesus said, He was the only way to God. The Lord used that billboard scripture to speak to my heart and draw me to Jesus.

Shortly after seeing the billboard, I prayed this prayer in my bedroom: "Jesus, if you are really God, I want to know right now." Immediately I felt a love, joy and peace enter my heart I had never known. At that moment, I knew Jesus was real beyond a shadow of a doubt.

When I accepted Jesus as my Lord, my life began to change for the good. I had an overwhelming love for my parents. I started to go to church, read my bible and grow in my faith. Instead of living for myself, I began living for the Lord and serving Him and others.

Today, my life is fulfilled in the relationship I have with Him. He is not only my Savior and Lord, but my best friend whom I rely on, depend on, and cast my cares upon. He gives me strength through the hard times. I have the absolute assurance all my sins are forgiven and I will see Him in heaven when I pass away from this earth, for He died on the cross for me!


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