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Start Your
Prayer Booth

1. Pray. Ask God to show you a people group to pray for, a location and time.

2. Find a location. Preferably near a high traffic area like a school, church, Walmart, In n' Out, Chick-fil-A, homeless shelter, hospital, or simply in your driveway on a Friday night or Saturday morning.

3. Buy supplies. Pop-up canopy, or banner, couple of folding chairs, and journal to record prayers. (Optional-tracts, bibles, and church postcards with location and service times. You will have people come to Christ, and want more info or join you at church.)

4. Read book. Street Level Prayer by Todd Volker. The "How To" on street ministry. Quick read.

5. Ask for a prayer partner. Pray for another believer to join you in praying for others. "Jesus sent them out two by two."

6. Set up and pray. Set your schedule to pray each week at the same location, on the same day, at the same time. Consistency is the key for an ongoing ministry. 


Need Prayer?


Peggy Brown and Judi Kenney met in 2021 at a pastors’ wives and ministry leaders retreat, but it wasn’t until recently that their “Prayer Changes Things” and “Need Prayer?” visions collided.
In August 2022, God placed on Judi's heart a dream to pray for three high schools, three days a week, for 30 minutes. In her dream, she was holding a sign, “Need Prayer?”. Triggered by a life-changing event affecting her own high schooler, she awoke to a desperate need other teens face in our culture.
She wrote down the dream, waited, and prayed for God’s confirmation. A couple of days later, it was validated through several incidences, including a friend’s book recommendation to read Todd Volker’s book, Street Level Prayer. Reading his book provided verification and a connection with two seasoned prayer partners to move forward with a “Need Prayer?” booth. 
Soon after the journey began, she reconnected with Peggy, and collaborated “Prayer Changes Things” with “Need Prayer?” to strengthen the power of prayer message. In a few short months, the team expanded and has prayed for hundreds of teens. The needs and stories are many and great, and prompted to set a goal to reach every California high school (3,152 to be exact) by 2025.

This is the street ministry Jesus calls believers to engage in. It is sharing the love of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit to a hurting and searching generation. It is our privilege and partnership with God to show them the Way through prayer.
Join us in the most exciting street ministry of our day. Start a Prayer Booth!

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